101 in 1001:

In the next 1001 days (2.75 years) I hope to accomplish as many of these 101 goals as I can! As I go I will keep y’all up to date on what I’m doing!

Started: September 12, 2013

Cut off: June 13, 2016

1. Actually think of 101 things!  (September 12, 2013)

2. Go to $1 Midnight sushi!  (September 13, 2013 12:15 am)

3. Get my palm read!

4. Go to a University of Alabama national championship game

5. Visit New York City again

6. Try 10 new restaurants (Mugshots 9/14/2013, Buffalo Phils 9/17/13, Marlows Tavern 9/20/13, Carmel’s 9/21/13, Archibald & Woodrow’s BBQ 10/28/13, Fulins 2/14/14, Iguana Grill 3/14/14)

7. Stay out until the sun comes up… (I’m sorry who ever I’m with!)

8. Try the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte (10/13/13 It was very yummy! And it was on a date with a very nice boy!)

9. Actually get a job so I can do “Work it to Wear it”

10. Sit front row for a concert

11. Find a pair of flats that I really like

12. Buy another Kate Spade purse (October 17, 2013 It was bought for me but yeah.. love it!)

13. Own a Lilly Pulitzer dress

14. Have blogging feel like second nature

15. Add to my necklace collection (over sized white bead necklace!)

16. Subscribe to more magazines (Vouge)

17. Have an internship

18. Buy an L.L. Bean tote

19. Have a modeling job (just one shoot!)

20. Go to the original Dreamland BBQ

21. Get a massage

22. Get 3 vintage pieces that work in my everyday wardrobe (Gray gloves)

23. See another Broadway play

24. Be in New York for New Years!! See the ball drop in person!

25. Visit 6 states that I have never go to before (Tennessee Feb. 2014)

26. Own “The Little Dictionary of Fashion” By Christian Dior (Christmas 2013)

27. Have beignets in New Orleans!

28. Meet another blogger

29. Go on a spontaneous trip with a friend (Spring Hill Tennessee with my roommate!)

30. Go on a spontaneous trip on my own

31. Have It Simply Suits Me be featured on another blog (Brooke Ellen Searcy “inaworldofbees” 9/25/13) http://inaworldofbees.com/2013/09/24/it-simply-suits-me/ 

32. Spend a day with my dad doing whatever he wants to do

33. Spend a day with my mom doing whatever she wants to do

34. Spend a day with my sister doing whatever she wants to do

35. Take care of my nephew for a day so my Sister has a day to herself

36. Get a haircut that I absolutely love!

37. Get a blow out done by a professional hair dresser (My hair dresser cut my hair over christmas break and its collar bone length! I’m still getting used to it but when she did the blow dry it felt awesome!)

38. Go to a beach I have never gone to before

39. Go to a national monument I have never gone to before

40. Go to another country

41. Make a craft off of pintrest  (1/30/14 I made a wreath!)

42. Make a baked good off of pintrest

43. Buy a nic nac from a tourist store

44. Take pictures with a polaroid camera

45. Go to a fashion show (Nov. 17, 2013 the UA senior show “fashion for life”)

46. Drive a truck off road/ drive a car on a track

47. Get myself to be able to drink black coffee

48. Ride a rollercoasters I have never ridden before

49. Inspire someone else to do 101 in 1001

50. Do an activity just because it looks fun!

51. Go to a “boot camp” workout class (11/9/13)

52. Use the Zip Car on campus (9/14/13 to the mall)

53. Grow a plant from seed to flower (Started: 1/31/14)

54. Own a Kate Spade watch!

55. Go on another road trip with my parents

56. Go fishing and catch a fish!

57. Transform a vintage find

58. Try a look I never thought I would try

59. Try 5 foods that I have never had before (Yellow beats 9/21/13)

60. Support a friend with something they really want to do

61. Style someone

62. Have a story published in the Crimson White

63. Release a paper lantern

64. Splurge on a pair of shoes I really want

65. Run the warrior dash

66. Go on the high drop swing thing on international drive!

67. Watch 3 Audrey Hepburn movies (1/28/14 Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 2/24/14 Charade)

68. Watch 3 Marilyn Monroe movies (2/13/14 How To Marry A Millionaire, 3/15/14 The Seven Year Itch)

69. Eat at a small coffee shop (Nov. 29th, 2013 with my wonderful boyfriend, Drunken Monkey)

70. Go to a dance club

71. Give my number to a cute waiter

72. Go on a day trip to Kimberly Alabama

73. Invest in a timeless jacket

74. Learn how to control my hair… (A ball cap! Out of sight out of mind!)

75. Take a picture in front of kleinfelds in New York

76. Take ten items of clothing and make as many outfits as I can

77. Try a color of lipstick that scares me The fall trend of the dark plum I used a lip stain and gloss (9/20/13)

78. Attend a wedding

79. Contribute to another blog

80. Own cardigans in 10 colors

81. Throw a dinner party

82. Have 50 people follow It Simply Suits Me (4/27/14)

83. Go to a flea market

84. Go a weekend with no internet access or phone

85. Read ten books (10/12/13 After the rain by Karen White, 1/17/13 Pieces of the heart by Karen White, 1/30/14 Return to Tradd Street by Karen White, 1/30/14 Jasmine, 3/4/14 Devil in the white city, 4/23/14 The Snow Bride by Debbie Macomber)

86. Go to the Paul W. Bryant Museum

87. Go for a real hike! Like up part of a mountain!

88. Get another pair of sunglasses

89. Buy flowers for someone

90. Leave a 100% tip (September 13, 2013- Surin of Thailand)

91. Go to a major art museum!

92. Buy a cupcake from a cupcake vending machine

93. Be a vegetarian for a week (Nov. 11, 2013- Nov. 17, 2013)

94. Make a grape pie! (Nov. 27th, 2013 for thanksgiving)

95. Surprise someone with a cake for his or her birthday!

96. Go to a school play/ musical

97. Attend a concert at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater for $15

98. Own a cashmere sweater

99. Successfully French braid my own hair

100. Save $10 for everyone I finish and donate $5 for everyone I don’t

101. Celebrate finishing your list!


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